CSETS Program & Employability Officer

Region : WILNEW

Job Summary

The CSETS Program & Employability Officer for WILNEW Region will promote: CSETS; and its mandate; Aboriginal Job Strategy; ISETS programs and sub-contracts.

He/she is responsible for the Annual WILNEW Administration Budget, and WILNEW EAS Budgets. Oversees recruitment and job placement of First Nations communities and Friendship centers, by performing the following duties personally or through the Executive Director.

He/she will ensure reporting requirements are followed as per guidelines from funding agency (Service Canada) and to ensure all sub-contracts agreement holders applications adhere to CSETS Employment and Training mandates.

Posting Details

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2022

Location: Victoria & Surrounding Area

Hours: 35 hrs/week, M-F – 8am – 4pm

Closing Date: Feb 4, 2022, 4:00pm

Wage / Salary: Dependent on experience



Role and Responsibilities

  • Engage and create partnerships with Employers, outside organizations and all levels of government
  • Planning monthly or as scheduled committee meetings
  • Preparing Agenda Packages
  • Attends meetings and CSETS Events
  • Review and edit Minutes
  • Maintains working partnership with BladeRunners
  • Meet with community Employment Counselors
  • Client support and follow up
  • Assessment
  • Training needs
  • Job placement
  • Work gear/equipment as required
  • Meeting and planning with all CSETS departments and teams
  • To meet CSETS long and short term goals
  • Assist and preparation of the yearly Annual Operational Plan
  • Assist communities with new Business Plan
  • Labor Market trends research and updates

Assess and make recommendations on proposals presented for funding by:

  1. Ensuring the proposal satisfies all administrative and legal requirements as set out by Service Canada
  2. Assesses the completed proposal to determine the probability of the project being successfully completed and what impact the project will have on participants and the community
  3. Making recommendations based on zone committees for approval/funding levels/rejection of proposals and preparing the supporting documentation

Prepares and finalizes formal contract agreement documents to ensure that lead program requirements are satisfied by:

  • Negotiating where necessary, solutions to any variances with the employer
  • Creating the contract agreement
  • Reviewing prepared contract agreement in detail with the sponsor to ensure the necessary information regarding groups, training plans etc. is properly documented
  • Ensure that all parties are fully aware of their responsibilities and obligations under the contract agreement
  • Obtaining appropriate signatures
  • Ensuring all supplementary requirements are fulfilled i.e. other funding, licenses, WCB, approvals etc.
  • Developing and securing appropriate financial and administrative documents
  • Preparing amendments to contracts when necessary
  • Monitors the contractual agreements and supports the activities of the participants to ensure compliance with the program and enhance the potential for success of the program.
  • Conducts site visits on a quarterly basis according to the requirements of a monitoring plan to ensure contract compliance
  • Ensuring that the various reporting requirements are being satisfied in terms of participant attendance and completion
  • Provides quarterly reports to Executive Director, Committees, Finance and CSETS Board of Directors or when required
  • Ensure to remain in contact with all First Nations communities and organizations to identify training needs
  • Will develop appropriate Contribution agreements for signing between the organization officials and training delivery sponsor groups
  • Assists with the development of proposals and negotiates proposals for funding when necessary under the CSETS program guidelines
  • When required assists applicants with the development of proposals/applications
  • Ensure terms and conditions are known and understood by all parties
  • Assisting applicants in assessing human resources requirements, including the development of training plans and where difficulties may encountered, developing appropriate solutions
  • Directing applicants to other levels of government/agencies when appropriate
  • Negotiating, in conjunction with the applicant, the appropriateness of requesting project funding levels, the number of participants and possible training requirements

As Required

  • Develops and implements programs, plans, policies and procedures for recruitment, testing, selection and job placement
  • Develops and maintains contacts with First Nations organizations, employment agencies, placement firms and other applicants
  • Analyze the employment needs of the unemployed
  • Develops and manages at our communities and off site recruitment programs including career fairs
  • Prepares and analyzes statistical reports and other data to monitor applicant flow, selection and turnover for compliance legal regulations and with organizational goals and policies
  • Consults with management to prepare staffing budgets, projections and employment policies, procedures and practices

How to Apply

Please submit, in confidence, your resumé with cover letter, and 3 references
by:  February 4 th , 2022 by 4pm
Attention: Executive Director
201-5462 Trans Canada Highway
Duncan, BC V9L 6W4
Please respond by email c/o:  assistant@csets.com, by mail, or fax to (250) 746-0189.
Please note: only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

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