CSETS BladeRunners is an innovative employment readiness program designed to give unemployed First Nations youth a chance to gain valuable work experience and skills training that will help them make the transition to long-term employment. They all have a strong desire to enter the workforce.

Targeted Coast salish Participants

Unemployed youth (between the ages of 15-30) who have not made a long-term successful transition into the construction and trades industry (all participants will have a First Nations background)
More than likely, have not worked or attended an educational institution in the last 6 months but have always wanted a chance to prove themselves and gain skills and work experience necessary for long-term employment
No E.I. (employment insurance) attachment

Summary of the program

All participants will receive a stipend during training
BladerRunners provides employers with a wage subsidy of $3 dollars/hour for every $11/hour (minimum) paid by the employer
Training: All BladeRunner participants will have successfully completed an intensive skills enhancement course (certifications included), dependent on the type of industry intake we would be offering in the community.
Employment: BladeRunner participants are then placed into the workforce to gain valuable work experience and skills, sometimes by first starting at an entry level, and eventually move upwards to permanent, challenging employment, if possible.

“Opening Doors to a Better Future”

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Duncan BC V9L 6W4
Contact: Glenn Boyda 250-701-2308 (KOPTHUT/HET ZONE)
Contact: Herman Henry 250-544-1407 (WILNEW ZONE)


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